Hi I am Block (Or Ocie)

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Hi, on Minecraft I go by BlockTrooper55 but everywhere else I go by Ocie or Ociemastah. (Quick tip Ocie is pronounced Ah - Si for future reference.

On the server I am hoping to start mass production of different materials and try and create a self sustaining economic system (because I like doing things like that XD) so I am spending a lot of time farming. I am excited to be part of Galaxy in it’s beta (beta for the moment at least) it’s a great community! Off to stuff about me.
-I am 14 and in 8th grade.
-My slightly high pitched voice often gets me confused for girls in many games (I get called a girl in Overwatch about 2 times each day.
-I package boxes to make money (exciting)
-I used to be high staff on a Garry’s Mod server as Community Manager, unfortunately the other staff didn’t play their part and the server was shut down.
-I suck at Algebra xD
-I often study Astrophysics in my free time.
-Blueseph likes to afk on my house. (oof)
-The name “Ocie” was derived from “Ocelot” take out the “lot” and get “oce” then add a “I” and get “Ocie”.
-I am a boosted Mercy main and Jeff is a bad boi.
-My sensitivity is so high on my computer that the school computers bother me so I change their sensitivity, I hope no one noticed :confused:.
-Minecraft was my first “modern” video game I ever played, the only others I played were arcade games.
-I am quite good at 3D and 2D modeling.
-I am also good at 3D printing.
-On the first day of 6th grade I didn’t know what gay meant, I got called gay twice and got made fun of for the entire year, by then I was too late to know what it meant :confused:.
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Glad to have you as a part of the Galaxy community, BlockTrooper!

Thanks for sharing so much about yourself with us. x)
Hopefully you'll find that people are much more respectful and kind here then at school,
though I am sorry to hear at school, they are so immature!
I can promise at Galaxy, if things like that happen,
there will be administrative responces.

If you have any questions, reports, or problems always feel free to contact me
via Discord, In-game or a private message on the website!
Posted Mar 10, 18