The allowed mods and mod categories on Galaxy are as followed.
If you think any mods should be added or removed from this list, contact an Admin.
Any mod that gives a distinct advantage is not allowed, even if it falls into one of the following categories.
Several mods have certain restrictions.
This means they are allowed, but some features are disallowed.

Mod categories:

- Client Performance Mods (e.g. FPS Improvement Mods)
Aesthetic Mods (e.g. Shaders)

- Combat Mods (e.g. Armor & Effect Statuses, Damage Indicators)
Brightness & Gamma Mods

- Chat Aesthetic Mods (e.g. Tabbychat)

- Map mods (e.g voxelmap journeymap)
(underground and entities must be turned off)

Specific mods:

- Optifine

- Toggle Sprint

- Armor hud

- Effects hud

- Mouse/keyboard tweaks

- 5zig

- Schematica (printer must be set on slowest speed.)

- Replay mod (Cannot be used to XRAY or Freecam)