Hello everyone, my in game name is ONYXSTORM and this is my bio!

I've played minecraft off and on for several years now, and while I may be terrible at building or doing anything even remotely related to redstone engineering, I still enjoy it. I play the game socially to just mine, fight llamas (don't ask), and just hang out with people that I wouldn't be able to see normally due to living in different areas.
More about the elusive Onyx~
I thoroughly enjoy videogames, food, anime, and getting to know people. I am on medical leave from college, but when I go back I plan on continuing down the path I am trying to set for myself to get a degree in linguistics. I really like talking to and getting to know people, as well as learning about other cultures and such. Communication is very important to me and I am the type of person who loves to help others, and that typically brings me to trying to become staff on servers I enjoy. I guess I should also mention that I can have a very strange sense of humor that ranges from dad jokes to dark jokes. Also, memes, enough said.
As of writing this, I am a Helper on the server staff, and while I may not have all the commands and/or the knowhow to fix every issue, don't be afraid to contact me on discord for server or personal related things. I'm online like 99% of the time and would love to meet those of you who come here. A server is nothing without it's people, and it's staff is nothing without good player to player relations. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a nice (insert time of day here)! I'm glad to be here and I hope that I get to make a positive impression here.