+ World Reset with a New Custom Generated Survival World!
+ Converted, balanced Economy system.
(Please contact an Admin or higher for proper Balances.)
+ Brand new Shop Castle build!
(Huge thanks to Dont_Panic & LeoRaphael!)
+ Voting Crates removed.
+ Galactic Stars have crashed around the server(s)!
+ All new Cosmetic crate rewards
+ Crate Tier system
+ CreativePlots GalacticGame!
( ^ Build with your Friends! ^ )
+ Rewritten Tab-System
(Clean animations, no NPC Glitching!)
+ New Title-Announcement System!
+ Custom Graphic Images!
+ Mob Difficulty Reduction!
+ Custom Arrow Trails
(Avalible to users soon!)
+ New /Cosmetics menu!
+ Fixed shop holograms
+ Customized /wild system

In-game Screenshots

1x750_1525767648.png 2x750_1525767649.png 3x750_1525767649.png 4x750_1525767649.png 5x750_1525767650.png