Special Thank You!

By Blueseph - Posted Feb 22, 18

Special thank you to All of the current donators!!

As you all know, keeping our beautiful community afloat gets a little pricey at times.

Due to all your support, we now have enough funding to keep the community active for a very long time!

**Bonus congrats and thank you to Kaira, ChipsAhoy, and Butler!**

**The first God ranks in our community!**

While funding is a critical, and often over looked aspect of communities, It is not what comes to mind when looking at our donation list. That list reminds me how understanding, respectful, fun, and relaxed our incredible community is. It displays, that Galaxy is no longer only loved by myself. The days of developing solo are long gone! So many kind words have been passed on through the course of our opening month, that it is hard to keep count. I can't possibly thank you all enough for not only giving Galaxy a chance, but for placing coal in our furnace, allowing us to burn even stronger! Now that we have resources, an amazing staff team, and the best community anyone could ask for..

We can get started. wink

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