2019 Easter Event!

By Blueseph
Blueseph @ Galactic Survival
- Posted Apr 9, 19

2019 Galactic Survival Easter Event!
@everyone... oh wait, this isn't discord

Happy Easter to everyone in the Galaxy community! This year, we have some wonderful goodies including brand new tags, a free pet, an egg hunt, and more!

This Event Ends on April 23rd

► Locate, and right-click all 10 eggs hidden around spawn to unlock the limited time Egg Pet!

Event Egg Consumables can be right-clicked to grant 2 hours of 2x McMMO XP! These are stackable, meaning you can click multiple to add more time to your boost! Boosts can be checked in /menu by hovering over the Enchanted Egg on the top right!

Egg Set Armor is now available from the Event Egg! Boasting double the protection of vanilla leather armor, the set can also grant Haste II & Jump I when a fully equipped!

2019 Egg Event Donation Package!

►This years easter event package, known as the Egg Event Package offers 5 brand new tags, one of which being prestige tier! It also includes 5 Event Egg Consumables, 16 Egg Event Tokens, and more!

Additionally, this package instantly unlocks the egg pet!

>> Use Coupon Code "EASTER10" to get 10% off your entire cart this holiday! <<

Event Features List
+ Event Egg - Right click with Event Egg Tokens to unlock awesome rewards!
+ Egg Hunt! Find all 10 Eggs around spawn to unlock the free egg pet! ($400 per egg found!)
+ Event Egg Consumable - Right-Click to gain a 100% McMMO Experience Boost for 2 hours!
    (Using multiple will stack boost time!)
+ Egg Event Armor Set  [ Set Bonus: 2 = Haste One, 3 = Jump One, 4 = Haste Two ]
+ Pinata Rewards // Voting Rewards now Include Event Egg Tokens!

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