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Blueseph posted Aug 22, 18

Hello community members!

I am happy to say, the poll results are in, and it seems..

We are having a reset!

What does this mean?

This means all Inventories, In-game money, Stardust Balances, and the survival world itself will be set to a fresh start. Donators will be abled to speak with staff members to redeem any packages lost. If these packages no longer exist, the member will be componsated in Stardust, Galaxy's custom high-valued currency!

This also means we have put the old custom generated world up for public download!

Click Here to view the Post and Download!

What can you use Stardust for?

Everything! In the coming updates, there will be many fun ways to spend stardust. Everywhere there is an In-Game cash price, there is a Stardust price along with it, often at a discouted rate!

We are very excited for the coming update, and we hope you all enjoy it as well.

Thank you everyone, for your consistant support in our community!

Hello again, fellow crafters!

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our servers

The Galactic Crate Vault!

This is a personalized vault which contains all your crates! No more fumbling with keys, worrying about where to keep them safe, or opening one at a time.To access, simply use the command "/warp Crate" in-game, then open one of the chests located ahead.

The Galactic Crate Vault offers an all-in-one solution to many issues including:

- Duplicate Rewards

- Slow Opening Proccesses

- Duplication Glitches

- Hunting down crate locations

and more!

What do these new crates offer?

Galactic Crate - Useful blocks/items, In-game Money, Stardust, Enchant Crates, Cosmetic Crates, Rare Weapons & Armor, and even Spawners...

Cosmetic Crate - Hats, Morphs, Emotes, Particle Effects, Gadgets, and Pets!

Enchant Crate - Vanilla Enchantment books of all kinds!

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