Galactic Update V4

By Blueseph - Posted May 4, 18

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for any inconvenince regarding downtime, or changes made this update.

While attempting to impliment a Creative Plot world, our old world files were corrupeted. After spending many days trying to fix this, we decided to cut our losses, and begin quick work on custom world generation, A new shop, a new Economy system, and much more!

Below - more information on this update.

Thank you for playing on Galaxy! We can't wait to get started in our new custom world. :)

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Update Log:
+ World Reset with a New Custom Generated Survival World!
+ Converted, balanced Economy system.

Please contact an Admin or higher for proper Balances.
+ Brand new Shop Castle build! (Thank you Panic!)
+ Voting Crates removed.
** + Galactic Stars have crashed around the server(s)! **
+ All new Cosmetic crate rewards
+ Crate Tier system
+ CreativePlots GalacticGame! *Build with your Friends!*
+ Rewritten Tab-System (Clean animations, no NPC Glitching!)
+ New Title-Announcement System!
+ Custom Graphic Images!
** + Mob Difficulty Reduction! **
+ Custom Arrow Trails
+ New /Cosmetics menu!
+ Fixed shop holograms

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