2019 Easter Event!

Blueseph @ Galactic Survival
posted Apr 9, 19

2019 Galactic Survival Easter Event!
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Happy Easter to everyone in the Galaxy community! This year, we have some wonderful goodies including brand new tags, a free pet, an egg hunt, and more!

This Event Ends on April 23rd

► Locate, and right-click all 10 eggs hidden around spawn to unlock the limited time Egg Pet!

Event Egg Consumables can be right-clicked to grant 2 hours of 2x McMMO XP! These are stackable, meaning you can click multiple to add more time to your boost! Boosts can be checked in /menu by hovering over the Enchanted Egg on the top right!

Egg Set Armor is now available from the Event Egg! Boasting double the protection of vanilla leather armor, the set can also grant Haste II & Jump I when a fully equipped!

2019 Egg Event Donation Package!

►This years easter event package, known as the Egg Event Package offers 5 brand new tags, one of which being prestige tier! It also includes 5 Event Egg Consumables, 16 Egg Event Tokens, and more!

Additionally, this package instantly unlocks the egg pet!

>> Use Coupon Code "EASTER10" to get 10% off your entire cart this holiday! <<

Event Features List
+ Event Egg - Right click with Event Egg Tokens to unlock awesome rewards!
+ Egg Hunt! Find all 10 Eggs around spawn to unlock the free egg pet! ($400 per egg found!)
+ Event Egg Consumable - Right-Click to gain a 100% McMMO Experience Boost for 2 hours!
    (Using multiple will stack boost time!)
+ Egg Event Armor Set  [ Set Bonus: 2 = Haste One, 3 = Jump One, 4 = Haste Two ]
+ Pinata Rewards // Voting Rewards now Include Event Egg Tokens!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Blueseph @ Galactic Survival
posted Mar 17, 19

St. Patrick's Day Event!

► We are happy to announce our newest holiday event, featuring a brand new "Rainbow" armor set, machine, and donation package! We hope this will make your holiday a tad brighter. All members can find a free gift chest containing 3 free Rainbow Machine Tokens every 24 hours at "/Warp Rainbow"!

► Additionally, our brand new, limited time donation package offers access to all 6 new St. Patrick's Day tags, including one prestige tier tag! The package also gives donators 25 Rainbow Machine Tokens, 3 Powerblock Lottery Tickets, 3 Prestige Machine Tickets, 6 Lucky Machine Tickets, and 50 bonus Stardust!

► Use code "RAINBOW" in our donation store for 5% off your entire cart!

This coupon will expire on March 24th, 2019.

Galactic Cosmetics Update!

We have changed how our particle system works!

► You can now have up to 2 active particles at once!

► You are able to create "groups" which act as customized presets for quick particle changing.

► Particles can be unlocked from Pixie! - our newest community vendor! She sells particles for 150 stardust each, with randomly cycling selections!

Details for Donators

► Styles are still unlocked as usual, however particles have now been set to the following! Please note

► All ranks inherit the ranks below it. For example, if you are an Eternal, you'll also have VIP particles unlocked!

► Donator particles will never be sold at Pixie's particle shop.

Donator Particle Unlocks

VIP - Happy Villager

Eternal - Totem of Undying

Evolved - Flame

Peacekeeper - Dragon's Breath

Guardian - Witch

God - Enchantment

Thank you for being a Galaxy community member! We have many bug patches, feature repairs, as well as new and exciting features which will be coming in the near future!

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