Hello again, fellow crafters!

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our servers

The Galactic Crate Vault!

This is a personalized vault which contains all your crates! No more fumbling with keys, worrying about where to keep them safe, or opening one at a time.To access, simply use the command "/warp Crate" in-game, then open one of the chests located ahead.

The Galactic Crate Vault offers an all-in-one solution to many issues including:

- Duplicate Rewards

- Slow Opening Proccesses

- Duplication Glitches

- Hunting down crate locations

and more!

What do these new crates offer?

Galactic Crate - Useful blocks/items, In-game Money, Stardust, Enchant Crates, Cosmetic Crates, Rare Weapons & Armor, and even Spawners...

Cosmetic Crate - Hats, Morphs, Emotes, Particle Effects, Gadgets, and Pets!

Enchant Crate - Vanilla Enchantment books of all kinds!