Valentines Day Packs!

By Blueseph
Blueseph @ Galactic Survival
- Posted Feb 8, 19

Valentines day is around the corner!

Luckily, Galaxy has exciting new holiday-themed tags for all your festive needs! Offering a unique pack of brand new tags, these are sure to surprise your loved one. Stardust, in-game money and an exciting new consumable - the Valentines day cookie are also included with each pack! What makes these packs truly special, is within their ability to specify a partners username, sharing the same rewards with them!

We have included 3 total packs, the first 2 priced at $10.00 USD, and $20.00 USD. Both packs contain Unique Holiday Tags, Stardust, In-game $, and Valentines day cookies!

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* First Year Bonus Package *


This is our community's first Valentines day celebration! As such, we have released a limited time package, which will only appear this year! This package includes 2 Prestige tier tags, a limited time Panda pet, and access to /fly for 30 days after the donation has been made.


Gifting yourself the package will result in double stardust, In-game $, and consumables earned, however Tags, Pets, and Fly access time will not be duplicated or extended. We strongly recommend including another user in your donation.

Happy Valentines!

Thank you everyone for being a part of our lovely community!

Be on the lookout for Coupon Codes on our Twitter! @mcGalaxyCo

We hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday! <3

-Galactic Staff Team

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