Happy St. Patrick's Day!

By Blueseph
Blueseph @ Galactic Survival
- Posted Mar 17, 19

St. Patrick's Day Event!

► We are happy to announce our newest holiday event, featuring a brand new "Rainbow" armor set, machine, and donation package! We hope this will make your holiday a tad brighter. All members can find a free gift chest containing 3 free Rainbow Machine Tokens every 24 hours at "/Warp Rainbow"!

► Additionally, our brand new, limited time donation package offers access to all 6 new St. Patrick's Day tags, including one prestige tier tag! The package also gives donators 25 Rainbow Machine Tokens, 3 Powerblock Lottery Tickets, 3 Prestige Machine Tickets, 6 Lucky Machine Tickets, and 50 bonus Stardust!

► Use code "RAINBOW" in our donation store for 5% off your entire cart!

This coupon will expire on March 24th, 2019.

Galactic Cosmetics Update!

We have changed how our particle system works!

► You can now have up to 2 active particles at once!

► You are able to create "groups" which act as customized presets for quick particle changing.

► Particles can be unlocked from Pixie! - our newest community vendor! She sells particles for 150 stardust each, with randomly cycling selections!

Details for Donators

► Styles are still unlocked as usual, however particles have now been set to the following! Please note

► All ranks inherit the ranks below it. For example, if you are an Eternal, you'll also have VIP particles unlocked!

► Donator particles will never be sold at Pixie's particle shop.

Donator Particle Unlocks

VIP - Happy Villager

Eternal - Totem of Undying

Evolved - Flame

Peacekeeper - Dragon's Breath

Guardian - Witch

God - Enchantment

Thank you for being a Galaxy community member! We have many bug patches, feature repairs, as well as new and exciting features which will be coming in the near future!

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