Galaxy V5

[!] Flirtey B posted Sep 15, 18

Galaxy Version 5 - Launch Today (9/15/18) at 6PM EST!

Thank you everyone for your patience during this difficult update. While 1.13 put many developers and even servers out of rhythm, we are proud to announce Galaxy has overcome these troubling times and we are excited to share the brand new 1.13 experience with you all! 

V5 Update Log

- Transferred Server to 1.13

- Reconfigured all Galaxy features from the ground up

- Brand new Crate System

- Brand new Functional Currency System

- Tags for your chat! (Custom Prefixes!!)

- Galactic Wasteland in heavy development

- New Website Graphics & Logo Redo

- Brand new Party system!

- Freshly cleaned inventories

- Brand new, Custom Generated, 1.13 Survival World!

- Discord Clean up

- New Discord Bots

- Upgraded RAM amounts

- Upgraded CPU

> The Galaxy you know and love - in 1.13! <

>> Galactic Network Coming Soon <<