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💪Top Foods in mcGalaxy (MC 1.20.X) 🍎
3 minute read

Minecraft has brought a plethora of exciting features, enhancing the overall gameplay experience over the years. Among these features, the aspect of survival, particularly through the use of food, remains a pivotal part of the game. In this article, we delve into the best types of food, both vanilla & custom that players should consider for an optimal survival experience in mcGalaxy.

Criteria for Ranking Foods ❔

To evaluate the best foods, we consider three main criteria:

Nutritional Value: The amount of hunger and saturation restored.

Accessibility: How easy it is to obtain the food.

Stackability: The convenience of carrying the food in the inventory.

💪Top Foods in mcGalaxy (MC 1.20.X) 🍎

🍗Cooked Meat Items:

Steak and Cooked Porkchop: These items are highly nutritious, restoring a significant amount of hunger and saturation. They can be easily obtained from cows and pigs.

Other Meats: Cooked chicken, mutton, and rabbit also offer good nutritional value.

🌽Crops and Vegetables:

Carrots and Potatoes: Easily farmable and offer decent nutritional benefits. Baked potatoes, in particular, are a great food source.

Bread: Made from wheat, bread is a staple in Minecraft diets.

🌶 Special Foods:

Golden Apples and Enchanted Golden Apples: These rare items not only restore hunger but also provide powerful effects like regeneration and absorption.

🌶 Exotic Foods:

Tropical Fish and Glow Berries: While not the most nutritious, they are unique and can be essential in certain situations.

Honorable Mentions:

Sweet Berries: Easy to find and harvest, although they offer minimal hunger restoration.

Honey Bottles: Unique food item introduced in recent updates, providing a quick but small nutritional boost.

In Minecraft Survival, players have a diverse range of food options to explore. From the hearty steaks to the rare enchanted apples, each food type offers unique benefits. Experimenting with different food sources can significantly enhance your survival experience. Luckily the developers here at mcGalaxy also agree & have implemented a plethora of custom food options!

🥩Detailed Breakdown of Custom Foods 🍭

We are proud to offer players an array of custom food items that go beyond the standard expectations. From gourmet dishes to delightful snacks, mcGalaxy's culinary landscape is as diverse as it is imaginative! We are always looking for new food items to add!

🥩Beef Jerky Variations:

Transform Rotten Flesh into Basic Beef Jerky, and then elevate it through various stages - Epic, Legendary, & Mythic Beef Jerky.

🍫 Chocolates:

Create chocolates starting from cocoa beans, evolving into dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and even chocolate syrup.

🍝Pasta Dishes:

Combine ingredients like egg, wheat, and beetroot soup for Spaghetti, or tweak the recipe for Ramen and Mac and Cheese.


Craft different types of pizza such as Bacon, Pepperoni, and simple Cheese pizza.

🍳Egg Dishes:

Fry, boil, or mix eggs with other ingredients to create a variety of dishes like Egg Sandwiches, Steak Omelets, Egg Sushi, and more.


From Snow Cones to Fries, Fried Chicken, and an array of cakes and pastries, snacks in mcGalaxy are both creative and appetizing.


Refresh with beverages like Orange Juice, Boba Milk Tea, Sweet Tea, Coffee, and Iced Coffee.


Craft Sushi Rolls and Shrimp Sushi using raw fish and other ingredients, providing a unique culinary experience.

Crafting Recipes and Tips

Each custom food item in mcGalaxy has its own unique crafting recipe, often involving multiple steps and a variety of ingredients. Efficient gathering and preparation of these ingredients are key to enjoying the full range of culinary delights mcGalaxy offers.

Checkout a detail guide on custom food recipes by clicking here.

Our communities custom food selection adds an exciting and flavorful dimension to Minecraft, encouraging players to experiment with ingredients and recipes to discover their favorite culinary creations.

🌟Come experiment with your food combinations using IP: Play.mcGalaxy.co 🚀

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