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Season 3 - Lunar Bloom Launch!
2 minute read

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of "Lunar Pass Season 3: Lunar Bloom"! This season focuses on new life, nature and flowers! It also introduces two spectacular new features: Projections and Particle Packs, along with a variety of updates and rewards that are sure to excite our community!

Introducing New Features: Projections and Particle Packs


Projections allow users to place temporary holograms of their choosing. These holograms come in multiple varieties, many of which can be customized with your personal statistics when placed. This feature offers a fantastic way to showcase your achievements to friends or foes alike, adding a new layer of personalization and bragging rights.

Particle Packs

Particle Packs are pre-made groups of particle effects combined to create unique visual experiences. Unlike previous particle effects, these packs can be used without needing to unlock the individual effects or styles first. This means that all players, including free-to-play users, can experience premium particle styles as long as the pack itself has been unlocked. This inclusivity ensures that everyone gets a taste of the best visuals our game has to offer.

Lunar Pass Update List

  • +8 New Daily Challenge Options Added: Fresh challenges to keep your gameplay experience dynamic!
  • Patched Various Discrepancies within Weekly Challenges: Improved consistency and fairness in weekly tasks.
  • New Reward Unlocked Notifications: Stay informed and excited about your achievements.
  • Brand New UI Design: A refreshed interface for a more intuitive and thematic experience.
  • So much more!

Lunar Pass Information

As with previous seasons:

  • Complete Challenges: Daily and weekly challenges to earn stars!
  • Tier Up: Progress through LunarPass levels by accumulating 10 stars!
  • Unlock Rewards: Each tier reached unlocks specific rewards!

General Update Log

  • Added Projections Feature: Launching with 9 unlockable projections.
  • Added Particle Packs Feature: Launching with 16 unlockable packs.
  • Added 6 New Pets
  • Added 16 New Tags
  • Moved Spawn to Earth (Overworld)
  • 4 Brand New Mythic Armor Sets: Available in LunarBoxes
  • Added NatureV1 Collection to Faye's Furniture Collections!

We can't wait to see you all in the game, exploring the new features and unlocking incredible rewards!

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